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Patient Testimonials & Results

Patient Testimonials & Results
Patient Testimonials & Results

Are you concerned about crooked, uneven or crowded teeth?

Does it cause you social embarrassment, lack of confidence or make you feel older than you wish? Our Invisalign® Doctor Ana Lopez-Val can offer you Invisalign® clear aligners which are an effective world-renowned solution to give you straighter teeth and boost your confidence. Discover your Invisalign® Smile!

What are Invisalign® clear aligners?

Here at Brij Dhody Dental Practice, our Invisalign® Doctor, Ana Lopez-Val, can provide an alternative to traditional braces using Invisalign® clear aligners instead. Invisalign® clear aligners are a series of custom-made invisible aligners which are replaced every 1-2 weeks that gently move your teeth into place creating the smile you’ve always wanted.

The aligners are removable and transparent, which means you can discreetly allow your natural teeth to be corrected. There are no metal wires or brackets, but instead a smooth clear plastic that doesn’t infringe on your natural appearance or confidence. They are removable, easy to clean and convenient for you to discreetly remove so you can still enjoy all your meals!

How long does it take?

Treatment for adults can usually be completed reasonably quickly, to achieve a natural beautiful smile. During the treatment period, you are cared for by your Invisalign® Doctor with regular visits that enable your teeth movements to be checked. The completion time of treatment depends upon the complexity of your case, which will be discussed with you.

Your Invisalign® clear aligner journey

Your first appointment will be for an assessment where your Invisalign® Doctor will discuss your best suited treatment plan in person. Once agreed and deemed as suitable, an appointment will be made for your iTero scan for measurement purposes. The Invisalign® Doctor will decide a treatment plan with you during your second assessment along with your scans, which can be done over a video call at your convenience, or face to face if you prefer. Either of our Invisalign® Doctors will then fit your Invisalign® clear aligners and arrange for regular visits for adjustments until the completion of your treatment.

Your Invisalign clear aligner journey

How much does Invisalign® clear aligner treatment cost?

The cost of Invisalign® clear aligners is determined by your Invisalign® Doctor based on your specific needs including duration.

Invisalign® Treatment Fees

  • Consultation – £50*
  • Scan at Canvendish – £40**
  • Clin Check – £250*
  • Invisalign® Express (single arch) – £2000
  • Invisalign® Express (dual arch) – £2500
  • Invisalign® Go (single arch) – £2900
  • Invisalign® Go (dual arch) – £3400
  • Invisalign® Lite (single arch) – £3000
  • Invisalign® Lite (dual arch) – £3500
  • Invisalign® Go+ (dual arch) – £4000 – £4500
  • Invisalign® Comprehensive* (dual arch) – £4000 – £4500
  • Invisalign® Vivera Retainers Dual Arch (3 sets) – £500
  • Invisalign® Vivera Retainers Single Arch (3 sets) – £300

(All fees are subject to the outcome of your orthodontic assessment and complexity of treatment required). *Included with the total cost if patient goes ahead. **Extra cost to patient

Making payments easier for you

Worried that you can’t afford to pay for Invisalign® clear aligner treatment? To make payments easier for you, we offer 0% payment plans for 12 months. You can get your Invisalign® clear aligner treatment between £6.90 – £12.50 a day interest free for 12 months! *

(*Subject to consultation, treatment plan and credit check)

Want to try out your new smile?

Try your new smile today in just 60 seconds. Simply take a selfie and start your Invisalign® SmileView* experience! Scan either QR code below with your camera phone.

(*subject to agreement and T&C’s of Invisalign®)

alv smileviewDr Ana Lopez-Val

Meet our Invisalign® Doctor

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You will have a full consultation with Dr Ana Lopez-Val before treatment is undertaken, where all aspects of the procedures will be fully explained.

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