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Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening, known as orthodontics, is a branch of dentistry that gives patients the opportunity to have crooked teeth and unsightly gaps corrected.

Crooked teeth can often cause embarrassment while, socially and in business, an attractive smile can give you that all-important confidence boost.  Thankfully, crooked or malpositioned teeth can be straightened and improvements can be made to the way teeth bite together – in a relatively short space of time. Orthodontics relies on the use of braces, which are either removable or fixed and can be very successful for patients of any age.

Although most commonly undertaken for children, the treatment can also benefit adults provided the health of their teeth and gums is good.

Adults often feel shy when asking for such treatment since traditional braces were considered ugly and socially unacceptable. The good news is that today’s style of fixed braces can be almost invisible thanks to the use of tooth-coloured attachment materials or even clear braces.

Treatment for adults and children can usually be completed quite quickly, to achieve a natural beautiful smile. During the treatment period, the patient is cared for with regular visits that enable the tooth movement to be checked and, if necessary, the braces to be adjusted.

How is it done?

Number of Appointments Two initial visits for assessment
Regular visits for adjustments
Completion of Treatment Depends upon the complexity of the case, but several months, up to 1 year
Procedure Initial visit for assessment and discussion
Another visit for impressions and x-rays, for jaw measurement purposes
Another visit to fit the brace
Regular visits for adjustments
Advantages To improve the alignment of crooked teeth and unsightly gaps
Following alignment, facilitates easier cleaning of your teeth
Care Brush and floss daily
Regular check-ups as usual
Hygiene visits as usual

If you feel this type of treatment may be of benefit to you or your child, your dentist will be pleased to advise you.  For further information please contact the practice.

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